I lead interactive and highly engaging workshops,


Credit: Elizabeth Becker

Credit: Elizabeth Becker


by telling stories and playing games!



Each workshop involves visual, auditory, and kinesthetic components,



Credit: Elizabeth Becker


and is tailored to your goals and outcomes.


credit: Theresa Vallez-Kelly

credit: Theresa Vallez-Kelly


“Julie McPherson is a master storyteller! She connects with her audience by weaving leadership and life lessons into the stories she tells. Julie uses stories as a jumping off point for reflection and discussion. Her presentation style captures the imagination of the young people she works with and allows them to consider their own stories. Julie is simply amazing!”
-Theresa Vallez-Kelly, Director of Student Leadership & Activities, Notre Dame High School

“Smart, relatable, and fun, Julie has become a mainstay in our annual training plan. This is the second year that I have participated in one of her Communication Workshops and each time it has left me and my colleagues with a great collection of new communication tools.”
-Jason Pell, Americorps VIP Leader, HandsOn Connect Coordinator

“It has been my pleasure to work with Julie over the past 2 years. She brings an incredible intention and care to her work as a facilitator and continually adapts her interactive approach to fulfill the needs of each group. She brings an energy and genuine joy of life that is refreshing and inspiring.”
-Megan Addison, Education Director, Sound Experience

“Julie engages her audience with information that is constantly applicable to everyday interactions. Her teaching style and behaviors are the ultimate role model of her content. Although Julie’s content will change to engage her specific audience, her inspiring spirit and igniting energy leave a lasting impact. I have been privileged to know Julie as an outdoor guide, co-instructor, teacher and friend. In every role and every moment,  Julie is brimming with contagious enthusiasm, positive energy, passion and life that continues to inspire me to bring my genuine self to everything I do.”
-Izzy Zucker, Naturalist, Green Meadows Outdoor School

Workshops I Offer

My workshops hone effective communication and leadership skills. Participants walk away with tools to enhance their one-on-one conversation, group presentation, or conflict resolution skills. I emphasize courage, creativity, and integrity through stories and metaphor.

Expect to stand up, speak, and don your silly pants. 

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Credit: Theresa Vallez-Kelly

Depending on group size and your goals for your group, these workshops can be linked and layered or stand alone as the foundation of the presentation.

“The Invitation” is about making the first impression, to another person or in front of a group. Individuals will walk away with tools to create an inviting, approachable, genuine, and confident first impression. (1 hour)

“Listening, For Real” emphasizes one on one communication and how to navigate effectively into what the other person is saying. This is a technique that will help you communicate with any person. (1 hour, links well to The Invitation)

“Feedback” is designed to provide the audience with two tools:  how to give positive feedback and how to give feedback to change behavior. This workshop can be divided into two sections. (1.5 hours)


Credit: Shannon Brock

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