Excursions. Endeavors. Escapades.

Through adventure I seek challenge and perspective. These experiences are inspiration for my stories and workshops.


California Coast

big sur w cam 045

The frigid Pacific Ocean waves hello. Northern California’s forgotten Lost Coast, the redwood haven of Big Sur, the cloud forests of Point Reyes. 30 hours in a tent waiting out a rain storm. Clambering through poison oak to celebrate the Beat Generation. Awaking at midnight with an animal on my lap.


Sierra Nevada


Jeffrey Pines and Giant Sequoias, chipmunks and black bears. Mountain bluebirds and mountain pride blooming from cracks in the granite. Backpacking, ridge walking, and climbing above the valley floor and into the evergreen canopy. The attitude check: surviving three days in the wilderness with just the clothes on my back, a fishhook, a knife, and one granola bar. Midnight mountain full moon ascent. The twenty five hour climbing mission.  Back country skiing, my first time ever skiing downhill: “lean forward and bend your knees.”  Porcupines do exist.


Adventuress in the Southern Salish Sea

P1150364For 100 years, the Good Ship Adventuress.  For 100 years she sailed the salt sea.
“So, do you want to work here?”
“Absolutely!  When do I start?”
And that’s the way it happened, heading west.


Pacific Northwest


The glaciated terrain of Olympics and Cascades. Wet. Douglas fir trees and salal, fern forests for miles. Building a home in the enchanted valley. The chipmunk atop Grand Pass. Black bear territory: “You shall not pass.” Deep magic where the Hoh meets the sea. Hot Springs Cove, hitchhike or bust.



Southwesty 011

Dry. Edward Abbey called it Desert Solitaire. The Grand Canyon: down to the Colorado and back to the rim in a day! Zion’s pink and yellow and twisted canyons. Dark Canyon and Hayduke. Monument Valley roadside dance parties. The Bryce Canyon blizzard. La frontera to Tucson in 5 days, walking. Cedar Mesa cave dwellings and Anasazi rim surprises, “Oh my…I’m standing on a house…”


The Sea of Cortez

Baja 020

Tucked between mainland Mexico and the Forgotten Peninsula, this warm water paradise exists. Goal: whale sharks. 8 people, 8 days, 4 kayaks.  Paddling munching tamarind.  The spear fishing marathon.  Bioluminescence.


Land of the Long White Cloud

NZLD 056

Walking from the east coast to the west coast of the south island of New Zealand. Cat food can stoves. Hedgehog stuck in a lampshade. Lord of the Rings re-enactments. Learning to drive stick while singing How Bizarre. Hitch hiking wearing a sombrero.



2South America 841

10 day solo backpacking trip.  Experiencing the entire weather spectrum in one day.  The Transylvania duo.


Cordillera Blanca


Bus ride to Huaraz.  Running down the mountain.  The Ishinca endurance slog.  17,000 feet is how high?


The City of Eternal Spring

Vamos a la Finca! birdBLAST! Funky Feathers Street Strollin’ Unplanned Layover…in Panama City!


Peten Jungle of Guatemala

guatemala 117

Waking up with the monkeys. Sleeping in El Arbol de Amor. The Land of Trees: the Ceiba. Riding mules through mud pits and trees with death spikes.



Bulgaria - Vito 931

Credit: Vito Longo

My catalyst for traveling solo. Learning how to learn. Communicating with genuine enthusiasm, curiosity, and gratitude.