Hi, I’m Julie. I’m a workshop facilitator, experiential educator, outdoor guide, world traveler, and adventurer.

jmac-cruzAt age 18 I organized a solo trip to Bulgaria to volunteer at a children’s orphanage: my first big adventure. That’s where my interest in global culture, travel, and communication bloomed.

As an undergraduate at UC Davis, I guided backpacking, climbing, and winter outdoors trips for my fellow students and professors. Exploring Yosemite, Point Reyes, or Bryce Canyon began to constitute a normal weekend.

After college I felt a deep desire to continue teaching and guiding, and I spent a winter teaching kids to ski in North Lake Tahoe—despite having skied only 5 days in my entire life prior. There I learned the power of story and metaphor. My global adventures continued as I guided or solo-traveled across South and Central America, New Zealand, and Western North America.

Most recently I spent two years aboard a 101-year-old wooden tall ship in the Puget Sound, leading a team of a dozen environmental educators. Living in extremely tight quarters, on-call 24 hours a day, I learned how to facilitate a work and living environment of clear communication, personal growth, and group harmony. Our ship’s passengers included 4th-12th grade groups, Outward Bound executives, REI employees, corporations, and families.

Now I’m leading interactive communication and leadership workshops for middle school, high school, college, and business audiences in the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest. My mission: to help people communicate effectively and discover themselves through challenge.

On this website you can explore my adventures, read my blog, and get in touch with me to arrange a workshop or speaking engagement.


header photo credit: Elizabeth Becker, inset photo credit: Blake Boles